Meal Box Delivery

Homemademarket is proud to introduce HMM’s Box Meal Delivery Service. The box meal will be delivered straight to your house party, corporate event or even outdoor venues. To order just follow these few steps:

Flow of purchase:

  1. Choose menu and set the no. of pax (minimum order: 100)
  2. Fill in order form
  3. HMM will send purchase order
  4. Customer agree with purchase
  5. HMM give invoice form
  6. Customer pays 50% deposit to confirm purchase
  7. Get box meal delivered to your event
  8. Pay remaining 50% in three (3) working days after box meal are delivered



Menu A

Tomato rice + ayam masak merah + acar

Menu B

Salted butter chicken set + white rice

Menu C

Spaghetti Aglio Olio (mushroom, chicken, chilli flakes)

Menu D

Mixed rice - braised mushroom ginger chicken, fried veggie + rice

Menu E

Mixed rice - fried belacan chicken, curry veggie + rice

Menu F

Fried rice + fried chicken


Price: RM 15 per pack (including mineral water)

Minimum No. of Packs: 100

Free Delivery


Contact us at to know more!

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