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DO You Have A Sweet Tooth?


“I really really loved the PICK YOUR SNACK's organic ginger juice I bought and it was really nice trying some locally made food. The price was also much cheaper compared to what you see in the market and with much better quality too. Thanks Homemademarket for connecting us to local talents.” Moe Aljlal - Founder of Touchless
“I am so satisfied with the food. The taste was good. I liked the simple food decoration, too. The service was quite convenient and the food was delivered on time. Thanks a lot!”
“Tasty, easy to cook, convenient, fast delivery, nice seller.”
“The mooncake was really tasty! Homemademarket was serious about rediscovering nostalgic childhood flavours because that's exactly what I experienced. I give the makers of the mooncake; Little heroes bakery 5 thumbs up for the awesome mooncake!” Aaron Tan
“The cake flowers is beautifully and deliciously made. The details are exquisite!” Cairynne
“Save us alot of time before Xmas day so we could prepare our travel. Thanks HMM make our holidays are hassle free.” Ira and Rene
“I am glad that I have attended the 3D jelly workshop. It was one of those unique experiences that you want to try at least once in life. It was well-organised, fun and by the end of the session you will definitely learn something new about yourself; especially regarding your patience and creativity. Plus you get to create your own customised 3D jelly which you can give to your loved ones (and of course get a chance to showcase your skills and creativity)” Ana Mouratidou
“Avocado cake was so extremely delicious and I really like the texture of the cake. Smooth and the taste really suites me well.” Sarah Aziera BT. Atan

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